“Last Man to the Moon”

    The last man to the moon stayed behind to see the others off, every ten years, a new batch flown across the stars. Sixty years he waited, till the last Human was sent to Titan.

    The last man to the moon prepared his pod, and waited for affirmation from the colony. A new life awaited him, though he was old, he had done his duty and was ready to leave Earth; an empty, dying planet.

    A signal came through, to the last man to the moon, a message from the colony on Titan. Suited up and ready for launch, he played the message. A female voice, a scientist he bet, voice distorted by static.

    Do not…come. Colonization…failure. Dying…dying…abort…
To the last…of us alive…and those on their way…we want…you to know…
We’re sorry…
We failed.

5 thoughts on ““Last Man to the Moon”

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it. This piece inspired the audio story “The Last Broadcast to Stargo Jupiter III”
      And I was really into space (still am) and thought the same. I wanted to be an astronaut.
      Honestly, I don’t think HUmanity can handle travelling out and potentially meeting other inteliigent life forms. I think it would be a disaster.

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      1. I agree. I think a great deal of our society and our sense of significance (let alone the constructs we’ve created for ourselves – our religions, values, even our problems) would be shattered. I don’t see many pros from meeting intelligent life out there.

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