Angel of Agony

She runs across the fields, roiling clouds above her head. She knows the storm is here. She can smell it in the air. The grass beneath her feet is oddly soft against her skin but she wants it to cut, she wants it to hurt.

She runs, chest heaving, heart pounding, she can barely get a breath. There is noise all around and it isn’t the thunder of clouds, but the thunder of voices. She is accused. And she runs, ever running till that thunder causes her to cease and she realizes she is at the edge of the world.

She looks at the abyss, at the nothingness and feels herself becoming empty. She lets out a scream just to remind herself that she is still there. She still exists.

Tears roll down her face and she begins to sing. She cries her pain and sings her song, a prayer to the goddess she named Agony. Her song cut through the thunderous roar and up to the heavens where lightning flashed. Its might tore through the sky and the heavens opened up.

Above her a thousand angels appeared. They saw her pain and began to weep a million tears. Each drop, turned into a grain of sand and counted each second of her life.

She sees every moment she has lived and all the moments she will live and it twists her heart. She will not beg but does fall to her knees. She turns her face to the sky as she kneels on the ground. She raises her hands up and prays never to be saved.

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