Can’t Sleep (True Horror)

The following story is true and taken right from my FB author page


Wondering why i’m up so late?

I had a weird dream. It was almost as if I wasn’t dreaming at all. I wanted to sleep early so I turned off the lights after reading some H.P Lovecraft.

I know what you’re thinking and no, scary stories before bed don’t give me nightmares (usually).

Anyhow, I fell asleep I think, and started to feel this presence in the dark. It was like I was being watched. I swore I opened my eyes and looked around, thinking it was nothing, then I rolled back over.

I felt it again. Something in the room with me. I wanted to turn back except, now, I couldn’t move. I was frozen, paralyzed.

I told myself to calm down, that it was in my head and I could move if I wanted. I felt so heavy and sleepy and started to feel a pressure right at my side, like something was stabbing me gently (as if that’s possible).

I couldn’t move though and that’s when I heard it. Not really as sound but as thoughts. It didn’t want me to move. It wanted me to obey and if I didn’t…I saw a dark spot appear in my left eye and I knew it was trying to blind me. I panicked. I wanted it to end. I wanted to be awake.

My whole body was buzzing but I finally managed to move. I sat up and turned over expecting to see something but I was alone. I laid on my back and tried not to fall asleep again because I knew that thing was lurking just off the edge of sleep.

7 thoughts on “Can’t Sleep (True Horror)

  1. I’ve had this happen to me a few times. Almost always if I’m sleeping flat on my back. I can recall a few times maybe the last 5-6 years – my eyes always go to the corners – the darkest parts of the room – as if I’m expecting to see something in those places.

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    1. Haha don’t you hate that?! xD Like, you B line right for the scariest damn corner haha
      But what I felt has happened before a few years ago. I’ve had sleep paralysis but this is different. It felt liek the same thing back then. The same entity trying to…do whatever. I’m planning on making a post where I talk about the first three encounters and how I believed somethign was trying to possess me x.x

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      1. I couldn’t imagine anything much worse than sleep paralysis! That alone can create some dreadful experiences. So much that I’ve resorted to only letting myself sleep in certain positions to try to avoid that from happening. Very scare to think how vunerable we are when we’re alseep!

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      2. Really? I try to avoid certain positions too! But really it happens in any position for me so my efforts are usually in vain haha
        I have a cat so whenever I get paralysis, I try to look or listen for her and if she doesn’t seem alarmed, then I trust that i’m safe :3 Don’t know where the hell she is when hypothetical demons are attacking though xDD

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      3. I’ve noticed too that recently (the last 3-4 years), I’ve experienced sleep paralysis less – so maybe it’s a phase thing. There was a time where it was happening to me once every several months. And it sounds like you have a positive relationship with your cat! – the last cat I lived with probably would have secretly enjoyed watching me be terrorized in my sleep! Haha

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      4. They say the more you talk about it, the more likely it is to happen. Or maybe it really was a spirit and it left you so that’s why it stopped…or perhaps a phase xDDD

        Omg! haha yeah my cat really loves me. She spoons with me and cuddles at night. Follows me everywhere and purrs if I even look at her! I actually saved her life from the pet store she was at. They ended up locking all the animals inside, fleeing town so they all died cause the city wouldn’t break in :/


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