A Haunting at Daiso (PT1)

The following is a true story.

Year 2016-2017

During this time I worked at Daiso Japan and my coworkers there would say how it is haunted. They called it the “Daiso Ghost.”

Now i’m a believer but i’m also a huge skeptic because I believe most things have a more Earthly explanation rather than supernatural.

To be honest, I didn’t really believe in this ghost no matter how much I joked. I figured it was all imagination. Coworkers would tell stories about hearing things at closing or in the back room when they were alone.

Another coworker, we’ll call her Marie, claimed she was in the back, and this was witnessed by a few others, when a box began to shake and move as if it had something in it. Upon investigating, she found the box was empty.

Another coworker, I forget who, but she had a similar experience where a box moved on its own, as if something was inside, but when she looked, there wasn’t anything alive in there that could push it.

All this seemed pretty far fetched but who would lie about boxes moving? Maybe it was the wind? A small earthquake perhaps where nothing else in the backroom moved but the box. Whatever it was, I wasn’t too spooked. However, I soon got evidence with my own eyes…

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