Vol. I

     In the beginning, there was a world of ocean, whose waters reflected the darkness of the void. There was a world of land, where the void gave birth to mountains made of black stone and deserts filled with black sand. In between was a world of sky, forever turbulent with storm clouds that roiled like writhing shadows. And this is what man called the beginning.

      From the waters, dark with void, rose beings of a godly nature, and so were called gods. In the world of water, they rose and became the stars, twinkling above. In between, they became the rain, lightning and thunder. In the world of land they roamed and ruled as kings. And on earth they were worshiped as gods and scorned as demons. They took on fantastical forms. Some winged and horned, others made of light or shadow and at times, donned forms not unlike man. They coveted and took pleasure in their gifts. They hated and laughed, felt envy and fought among themselves. And were known among their own kind as the Panthera.

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