A Haunting at Daiso (PT2)

Everything written here is true.

Let us continue our story…

At this point, I got my first hints of maybe there was something more at this Daiso store, something unexplainable lurking in the shadows.

Let’s move on to my first bit of proof.

Below is a photo of a foot print. One of the minor bits of evidence I got. Perhaps it could be explained but this is what I recall, as I was there that night.

I was closing with some coworkers, I believe the person I named Marie was there. I was a cashier so I was up front while Marie was on floor cleaning up. It is standard to check the store before closing and locking our doors. We confirmed no one was in the store when we locked the doors that night.

So, i’m at the register closing up when Marie calls out. “Hey, come look at this.”

We all go over and she points down to some dirty footprint. At first glance. I wasn’t amazed.

“Ew. Just mop it up,” I said.

“I tried,” Marie answered. “It won’t come up. It’s like it inside the floor or something.”


I decided to investigate. I knelt down and touch the print, trying to smudge it or something but to my disbelief, it couldn’t be altered. It was like it was under the smooth coating.

“That’s weird. Think some kid did it?” I asked.

“How? It wasn’t here at closing. I swear. And I didn’t see anything before then. We cleared all the people from the store so no kid could have done it.”

She had a point but I couldn’t verify that as truth if I didn’t see camera footage. Marie did point out though that it was a BARE footprint and there was only ONE.

If some kid with dirty feet came into the store, wearing no shoes mind you, they would leave TWO foot prints, maybe more, but this was just half a dirty bare foot. I took my photo and put it away in the back of my mind. It was a very curious occurrence but Marie was right, it look like it was inside the floor or something. And more so, it looked to be angled so that the child that left it was coming from the backroom…


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