A Haunting at Daiso (PT3) Final

This is may be the last part for now.

The following is a true story and real video captured.

I did conduct a ouji board session at the Daiso with someone but nothing came of it. I have the video. If people are interested, perhaps i’ll post it or do another?~

Anyhow, let us continue.

Below is the final and most substantial piece of evidence I have. It is actual chilling footage of paranormal activity. Let me explain.

September 9th, 2017
Coworker, we will call her Cherice, was in the back alone, doing her duties as normal when she heard the back door open. She looks, expecting a fellow coworker to come in, but no one does. The door closes and she leaves.

What is so scary about this you ask?
Well, the door opened on its own. I thought, maybe it was the wind. No. The back door is heavy, the window cannot just blow the back door to a store open, it is a door meant to lock and provide security to our back room. I, with my own eyes, have seen and felt how heavy the door is and wind does NOT effect it.

So how was the door opening? Maybe someone was outside pulling it. Mind you, it doesn’t have an outside handle but I pull the footage anyhow.

Second part of the video you get to see outside. Lets take note of the facts here. The camera outside runs 24 hours. It does occasionally turn off if there is no movement. That is because it is motion activated but we are by a main street, as you can see in the video, most of the time, cars are moving past thus the video remains on. AND the door is moving right? it should be on. However, watch closely.

Door is supposed to open at 16:36. We see this in the first part, however the part where the door is opening outside is missing. The time jumps to 16:36:25. We’re missing time. From 16:35:38 the camera mysterious shuts off and comes back after the door has closed. We’re missing a full minute!

How is this possible? It is motion activated. Unless our eyes deceive us, something had to move that heavy door and nothing in this natural world could convince me it was the wind or a person.

I also swear that no one at Daiso alters footage in the computer. I don’t even know if this is possible. Plus, why would we stage it? You can also see from the first part that there is no shadow of a person outside. The door is seemingly moving on its own.

…Well, if you read this far, thank you so much. This concludes my haunting at Daiso investigation. As mentioned above, I did do a Ouija board session but I don’t believe we had the right energy that night. I would love to attempt again.

Thank you for reading.




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