The Immaculate – Hint Fiction

Sara was happy all her friends were pregnant

She didn’t understand their apprehension

Till the next night

when her belly became round and full too.

6 thoughts on “The Immaculate – Hint Fiction

      1. It’s…okay. So it’s almost painfully predictable, but it’s also like you want to confirm if you were right, and you probably will be lol. I almost gave up before the end of the first episode, but then I just kept watching, and then I couldn’t stop. It’s more like you want to see where it goes, and the final scene is pretty bad ass.

        I realized all of my fictional crushes are alien or part alien in one way or another. I keep looking at my cats asking them when their people are coming to get them because I need to get the hell off of this shit planet XD

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  1. If I run out of stuff to watch, i’ll start it xD Compromise!

    Omg!! xD Right?!?! Like, I sometimes it out on my porch and watch the stars and wonder if that’s the night they will come. That’s kind of what my story Homesick is about. But alas, we’re probably not aliens and nothing is coming to get us off this rock e.e -goes to write depressing poetry- LOL


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