The Coming of the Conqueror: The Dark Between the Stars

“They’re coming!” Jona screamed. “The end is near!”

Jona ranted on the streets of Seal Beach. He used to be healthy but now he was too thin and he hadn’t shaved in a month. He kept the same clothes on and didn’t bother bathing. He was vigilant in getting his message out. He wrote a dozen signs and left his own “crop” circles in the dirt, wards to keep them away but no one listened to his ravings and he could not postpone the inevitable.

“We will all die. Just look  at the stars! Look at the stars!”

A group of four, two couples who were passing by, stopped and looked at him. Most had looks of concerns except one man who smiled and decided to humor him. He looked up at the sky and only saw what he usually did.

“So scary, the stars,” he said.

“You don’t understand,” Jona raved. “You must look between the stars.”

No one knew what Jona was talking about. The man looked up and squinted.

“It takes years, eons for light to reach us,” Jona said. “The sky is fake. What is truly there isn’t what you see.”

“This guy is starting to freak me out,” said one of the women.

“The false light misleads you!” said Jona.

The clouds stated to fade and one by one, the stars slowly blinked out.

“It’s what they want you to see.”

They disappeared till only a black, empty sky was left. But it was too dark, too black in one area, as if part of the sky was instead not dark, but being covered by something massive.

“See…they’re already here.”

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