Why I Believe in Ghosts (True Story)

Shallow of People Inside Room With Fireplace and Armchair Painting


Let’s put aside the fact that I write horror and I’m pagan. You may be thinking, “of course you believe in ghosts and ghouls you damned heathen!” but it isn’t my spiritual beliefs that led me to believe.

I also want to get on the record that even though I am pagan, my first love was science. I feel like people don’t believe me when I say that, as if being a “believer” and a realist is mutually exclusive.

The way I saw it, before my little encounter, was that there wasn’t substantial evidence to completely out rule the existence of something beyond our knowledge. This isn’t referring to “ghosts” per se because there wasn’t and still isn’t evidence of my own witnessing, that ghosts, the spirits of Humans that have past, exist.

In other words, I believe there are things we cannot explain that may exist in the noumenal or different realities from our own. Simply put, it is probable that we do not know everything and what we may think of as ghosts, angels and demons may exist as entities of a different nature than we perceived them to be.

But I don’t want to bore you with what exactly I believe, let’s get to the juicy bits on what made my belief sure knowledge. It’s not as terrifying as you may think. It was a small encounter.

I was at home, all by myself mind you and before you can doubt me, there were no doors or windows open. Stop blaming everything on the wind, Wind did nothing to you.

So, I’m sitting there, minding my own business. I’m sure I was watching TV or perhaps writing, those details escape me. At that time, I lived in a single bedroom apartment, my room being the living room and attached to it was the kitchen. In our kitchen we had a stand alone, movable shelving unit. It had some drawers on the bottom then three shelves where you could store cans, utensils, condiments, etc–you get the picture.

On the very top shelf was where we kept the bread. That day, I remember clearly, we had a full loaf of unopened bread sitting there. As I said, I was minding my own business when out of peripheral (and I did have a clear view of it), the whole entire loaf flings across the room and hits the cabinets on the other side.

I remember the banging of the cabinets startling me.

I realized what I had just seen wasn’t normal. Let’s break it down.

First off, all the shelves have a raised edge so items don’t go sliding off at every little shake, so if the loaf was going to fall then it would be stopped and if it did, it would go straight down, not all the way across the kitchen as if someone or something had god smacked it.

Secondly, there were no doors and windows open. To add on to that, the wind must be pretty damn strong to blow into a window and throw a loaf of bread across a room. There was no mini earthquake that happened either. It is far less probable and kind of silly to think nature would effect one object in my entire house without me being affected or noticing at all.

And lastly, I know what I saw and it was random. This was not me looking for ghosts, this was a random, middle of the day occurrence that I had no explanation for. When weird shit happens, it most certainly would be when you least expect it.

All that said, this is why I don’t try to prove or argue with someone who doesn’t believe, because it takes experiencing something for yourself. You have to come face to face with the unknown to truly appreciate it.

I wouldn’t care who told me otherwise, scientist or psychologist, I know what happened. It was almost as if it was my own personal little awakening, a private glimpse into the unseen world just for me.

I know reading this, you, whoever you may be, will be skeptical and I say definitely be skeptical. Trust nothing. I’m a skeptic and though I know what I saw, with time, I have asked myself if what I saw was merely a dream I’ve yet to wake from.

15 thoughts on “Why I Believe in Ghosts (True Story)

    1. Haha I have no idea. Oddly, I can only remember the occurrence of the bread moving. I think it shocked me so much that I tuned everything out. I do remember afterward I waited several moments, got up, put the loaf back and turned on the TV to pretend nothing had happened.


      1. Hmn I never thought of it like that! Maybe you have a point there. I always wondered why that happened. it seemed random but perhaps…not…creepy~

        I’m working on writing other true weird shit that’s happened so i’m sure you’ll appreciate the next piece of true horror. It’s actually about sleep and states in between~

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  1. Thats definitely in my wheelhouse. It is something to consider. Sometimes those that dwell within the ethereal will shoot a flare gun in the air to let us know we are on the correct path, and sometimes the more nefarious inhabitants will toss a loaf of bread across the room to distract an artist from his craft 🙂

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      1. I’ve had quite a few. Here’s a brief one that happened fairly recently that I will share.

        I read Mike Clellands book on Owls as messengers, and I also started listening to a podcast that I enjoy that had him featured as a guest. Mike started to describe how sometimes, the readers of the book would start to have rather strange occurances pop up with owls.

        After listening to that, I’m driving home and I announce out loud to the universe that I’m ready for some crazy stuff, you know. Driving in my car I sent out a signal that I was ready.

        I usually go to sleep watching the twilight zone. I’ve done it a thousand times before this night. I’m close to drifting off and I say to myself, clearly, open your eyes NOW, theres an owl on the T.V! As I opened them, I spied an owl on a poster in the background of the scene. I paused the television immediately and photographed it. The owls eyes were representing the O’s in the word look, which was apart of the overall phrase “Look where you walk” that was gracing the poster.

        I couldn’y just fall back to sleep after that, so I went into the dining room, phone in hand, messaging the friend with whom I listened to the Clelland podcast with. As I am staring at this photo of the Owls eyes revealing the phrase “look where you walk”, my eyes are called to the floor, and the rug on which I was standing. Covered. With Owls. Quite literally where i was walking.

        I’ve been seeing representations of owls and hearing a few lives ones outside of my window at night.

        Strange, right


      2. Do you think owls may be your spirit guide taking form? Or perhaps the universe trying to tell you something? Thats the thing about the unknown. Its just so…unknown haha

        I thought I was the only one into stuff like this. My friends would just laugh or get creeped out if I talked about sensing things or communing with deities (or what I perceive to be deties).

        The post im uploading tonight actually concerns my belief that something may be with me. I dont k ow what it is or why it was there x.x

        Ugggh I wanna have a beer and hear all your stories!! How dare you be so interesting! Haha


      3. I have no idea what any if it means. I only know the world is much stranger than way we know.

        I look forward to the post. I’m not much of a beer drinker but I’ll have myself a few bong rips and the let the stories flow haha. I’m pretty boring, I think it’s just the magical nature of these topics and the things they attract that evoke the sense of wonder.

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      4. That is certainly true! I keep wishing for answers but maybe we don’t know because we aren’t ready yet.

        Haha creative minds are more interesting than you think. But you do have a point. The mysteries of the universe do evoke a strange sense of wonder, excitement, and fear~

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  2. I’m super skeptical but it would be foolish AND arrogant to think we have everything locked up. I mean even science talks about other dimensions, and the quantum realm is some weird, weird shit. I don’t know what you saw/experienced, and yeah, we shouldn’t trust anecdotal evidence insofar as using it to solidify theories, but we should also not discount personal experience either.

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    1. Oh yeah, science got their own weird, creepy shit going on. Roaming black holes and messed up scary theories on how the universe is gonna eat us haha I don’t see how they DON’T believe in paranormal entities. I think humans just don’t want to admit that they may not be the only being to have some sort of consciousness or intelligence. We are also afraid of the unknown and not having control (as a species) haha

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