“Home Coming” (Audio)

You are nothing but an animal…



My Return to YT debut~

11 thoughts on ““Home Coming” (Audio)

    1. Omg xDD Thank you! I’m embarrassed at the same time. I think my voice acting is so bad! haha

      The videos past “Home Coming” are the older ones so some may have shitty audio and others I didn’t have a pop filter lol In “Dream Catcher” though I started experimenting with sound effects so that ones actually okay.


      1. Omg its so creepy that you can tell so much about a person from their voice.
        “hey, Alexa, what’s the weather like?”
        Alexa: “Congratulations, you’re pregnant” xDD!!!
        But wow, there is s much more to our voices, our bodies, and how we perceive them o.o
        My brain ain’t even listening to myself when I talk lol


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