We’ll Always Have Tomorrow

I hate abstract ideas.

So let’s talk about something concrete.

About our immortality.

Yes, that’s solid.

We are as old as the stars.

Our souls burning bright.

Throughout the eons,

Until it blinks out.

We are going to live forever,

And laugh and cry,

Hate and love.

Until the soil swallows us whole,

And spits out the bones.

Why say goodbye,

When I will see you again.

Go ahead, take all of those sleeping pills.

We’ll meet again.

I think the only fools,

Are the ones that want to disappear.

To throw away their immortality,

Wasting their everlasting life.

So, don’t tell me you love me.

That’s too abstract.

I want you to give me love.

In my hand,

A bucket of it.

I’ll live forever.

So don’t be afraid to drown me in it.

We fear the unknown,

And that’s okay.

So hold my hand,

And say goodnight.

We always have tomorrow.

We’ll always have eternity.

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