Entry 1-2 (Shadow at the Hill)

FBI Warning.



The following entries and transcriptions were taken from the recovered objects left behind by Dr. Victor ██████. No traces of the doctor or his party were ever found.


For your own protection, certain names were changed.


Entry 1. Tape ###

Recording begins.

Heavy breathing and footsteps. Shuffling.

A tent unzips then zips back up. Breathing stops.

The muffled sound of leaves crunch outside the tent. Footsteps halt.

Silence. The footsteps retreat.

Victor: (Whispers) “We should have never come here.”

(End of tape)


Entry 2. Journal 1.

I write to you from a pub at the base of ████ mountain. This village has no name and it is the first and last stop before the hike up to ██████. The people here are quiet. They are tanned, short and muscular. Their dark eyes regard us with caution. This nameless village is probably the only place to have had contact with the Kuroga people.

Kio is already on edge. She doesn’t like the way they watch us silently. No one has said a word or tried to stop us. Kio insisted we try to find a guide rather than go up the mountain and through the forest by ourselves.

She thinks I’m too excited and getting ahead of myself. She may have a point, in that a guide would know the area better. The Kuroga aren’t called a hidden tribe for show. I indulged her and that is what brings us to this pub. I thought the people in this village may just be a quiet type of folk, but before we entered the pub, I’m sure I heard all sorts of festivities and drunken laughter. All of it ceased when we entered. These people are not quiet folk; they are just quiet around us.

What are they hiding? The Kuroga people surely. We haven’t come to study this nameless village but the people here are the closest to the hidden Kuroga people. As the seconds go by, I’m convinced more and more that a guide is just what we need. But at this rate, I’m sure we’ll be on our own.

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