Entry 3 (Shadow at the Hill)

Entry 3. Tape 1.

Dr. V: Can you tell us your name?

C: Ch████ ████████ ████

Dr. V: Is there…a shorter, like, nickname we can call you?

C: Achi.

Dr. V: Thank you, Achi. Can I uh, can I ask why you approached us?


Dr. V: It just doesn’t seem like anyone else wants us to be here.

C: Unfamiliar faces show up after the raven flies with no shadow.

Dr. V: I’m sorry, what? I don’t quite understand, Achi.

C: Few days ago a raven flew over the village. It had no shadow.

(Shuffling papers)

Dr. V: Raven…raven. They appear in many Kuroga myths. They are seen as divine beings right?

C: Raven flies with no shadow. It is a bad omen. Bad things will happen.

Dr. V: (short chuckle) You don’t really believe that, do you? Are the people here superstitious?

C: We don’t have to be. Just wait and see.

Dr. V: What do you think is going to happen?

(silent pause)

Dr. V: For the record, Achi is shaking his head. Can you at least tell me why you decided to help us? What about the omen?

C: What will happen cannot be stopped. I have my own reasons. I will keep my word though and take you up to the hill.

Dr. V: But you must understand my wife’s apprehension.

C: If I wanted you to get lost in those woods it would be better to not have said anything at all. You go on your own and you won’t come back. Nobody who hasn’t been shown the way can ever escape the woods.

(Dr. V sighs)

Dr. V: Well I won’t refuse. We need a guide. But are you sure you want to?

C: I should be asking you that question. This is your chance to forget about it. Go back home.

Dr. V: I can’t do that.


Dr. V: Thank you for the interview, Achi.

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