Entry 4-5 (Shadow at the Hill)

Entry 4. Doc 1.

Kuroga Expedition Crew Members:


Dr. Victor ██████ – Anthropologist. Lead.

Dr. Kiyomi “Kio” ██████Anthropologist. Religious studies. Co-lead

Alex███ Ce██ – Film student (note: camera confiscated by locals!)

Miriam ██████ – Anthropology Student

Sam ████ – Geographical expert. (note: due to illness Sam stayed behind at ████)


Entry 5. Journal 2

We have all finally come to an agreement. Achi is going to guide us up to what they call “the hill.” Apparently, that’s what they call the Kuroga village. It’s been fifteen minutes since we entered the pub and still no one but Achi has breathed a single word. They are all just sitting there with their drinks in hand, silent. It’s like someone hit pause. Kio doesn’t like it. She wants to leave but she made it very apparent that she doesn’t trust Achi.

To top it off, once Achi agreed to help us, some people seem to get upset by the gear Alex was carrying. He explained that it was only a camera and some sound stuff but that seemed to agitate the people more. Only one person spoke, it was in the ██████ language. He seemed pretty upset. In the end, Achi asked for the stuff to be left in the safety of this nameless village.

Alex is upset now but he isn’t going to stay behind. This is a chance of a lifetime so I guess we’re just going to use the recorder and write as much as we can. Its unfortunate because it’s been fifty years since the last person came up here to study the Kuroga, much less film. I think Alex would have won a damn award.

Not sure if his equipment will be waiting for us when we come back down but Achi says the village leader will take care of it.

We’re preparing to go into the forest. It’s the only way up to the hill they speak of. Kio is nervous but can’t hide her excitement. She says the hill is the one written about in all the legends surrounding the Kuroga, the hill with the stone mirrors. I don’t know a lot about the legend stuff, so I’ll have to go over what Kio has gathered again. It’s all quite fascinating but what I want to know is if rumors of their strength and vitality are true.

Do I believe the Kuroga are immortal? No, but they must have some secret to longevity and I’m going to find out.

This could be the key to saving lives.

This is going to change everything and it all starts with me.

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