Of Night

I wonder if I will remember those days with quiet filled evenings,

And the warm rush of air on my face.

The flicker of orange before the drowning blue and the distant shimmer of stars.

How I admired the beauty of a city,

Hushed by the coming night.


I wonder if I will be able to recall the anticipation,

That hum on the air.

The spirit of the night whispering frightful delights,

And how the sweat on my skin beaded in the candled light,

As I danced with all my soul.


I wonder if I will reminisce about the dark that lingered in the trees.

Shadows chasing at my heels,

As I followed those broad shoulders running down the dusty, dirt path.

And how I felt that electric rush of fear,

Of not wanting to be left behind.


And I wonder if I will remember when I’m lying there,

Waiting for the pale rider to escort me,

Of those nights,

That filled me with so much life.

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