Entry 7-9 (Shadow at the Hill)

Entry 7. Journal 4

It’s getting dark so I actually can’t write for long. We stopped after the fog became too thick. There’s something upsetting Achi. He says we have to stop for now. I asked him if he was lost and he said no, that we were close but we can’t go forward yet. When I asked him why, he just shook his head.

Kio is upset. She doesn’t want to be out here with him. The locals were not friendly and this place is obscure. I believe in Achi. I can tell he’s hiding something but I don’t think he is trying to hurt us. He keeps fidgeting with something around his neck. He looks more nervous than when we started.

I think we’re close. I want to interview him again. I know he knows something. There is a reason he decided to help us. He probably has had contact with the Kuroga before. He said “only those shown the way” can find it. He’s been there before. I’m actually excited about this. Whats a little night in the woods? The Kuroga are fearless warriors. What better way to test our resolve than to have us tough it out?

All of this is for show. Mr. Van Hagen got there and so can I. We’ll be camping in the forest. I don’t know for how long but the fog is incredibly thick. We can’t get lost in this. These forests stretch on forever. I just have to convince the others it’s alright. We’re going to be just fine. I’ll start up again when day breaks. I think we may be spending the night in tents.


Entry 8. Doc 2

Common Omens Within the Kuroga Culture

Good Fortune:

Raven on your door sill

Finding black raven or crow feathers

Having multiple shadows cast


Bad Fortune:

Having your shadow stepped on

Seeing your reflection in the eyes of an infant

Crossing a river with shoes on

A raven or crow flies and leaves no shadow



Entry 9. Tape ####

Recording suddenly starts. Very low audio.

Kio: ——why? Why did we come here if it was going to be like this?

Dr. V: Calm—

Kio: No, fuck that. What is he even talking about “they won’t let us”? What does that mean? There isn’t anyone out here.

Dr. V: He knows what he’s doing.

Kio: No, he doesn’t and if he does, its some sort of game. Victor, this is serious. People get lost. They go missing.

Dr. V: That won’t be us. He knows more than he’s letting on. He knows them.

Kio: What?

Dr. V: I saw the stone

Kio: (Exasperated sigh) What…oh you have to be kidding me.

Dr. V: Van Hagen’s guy, he didn’t find it, he got it from Van Hagen.

Kio: Please, just stop. It’s a token. Just a token.

Dr. V: No, it’s a test. Just wait. I’m going to get us in that village.

Kio: Victor, No—

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