Entry 10 (Shadow at the Hill)

Entry 10. Doc 3

Kuroga Myth Part 1: Significance of Shadows


In the Kuroga culture, shadows are a prominent influence of one’s fortune and Fate.

Many omens, whether bad or good, seemed tied to the shadow of a person (sometimes this includes their reflection).

For the Kuroga, the shadow is sacred and all things, whether alive or inanimate, must have a shadow. This is because if something exist in this world, it must have an alternate in the next.

The cultural significance of the shadow comes from the creation myth behind the deity Karagi the Crow, who is said to ferry the shadow—our soul, from this world to the next.

The Kuroga people believe in two selves. One self is here in the Human world and the other, or shadow self, is in the alternate shadow world*; and while we are living, we are separated from the shadow self. In Kuroga myth, this explains everything from why Humans get hungry, feel emotions such as despair, fall ill and eventually die.

The mortal Human is said to be incomplete when separated from their shadow self, the immortal soul.


This begs to question; what happens when you become whole?


– Dr. Kiyomi ██████

* Note: For more on this alternate world and self, please see Kuroga Creation Myth


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