Entry 11 (Shadow at the Hill)

Entry 11. Tape 4

Dr. V: (whispers) This is a log of night one by Dr. Victor ██████.


Dr. V: I can’t sleep. I don’t think the others can either, but they are pretending to. Something feels off here…Achi has been out in the fog.

Indistinct noise

Dr. V: I can hear the crack of twigs and the crunching of leaves as if there is someone walking around out there. At first, I thought it was Achi but…I’m not sure anymore.

Rustling and movement. A tent unzips.

Dr. V: …..Achi?….shit, its dark out here.

Indistinct noise and a click.

Dr. V: (Whispers) I brought a flashlight, thank goodness.

Snapping sound.

Dr. V: Is there anyone there?…Achi?…Ach—

Ch: What are you doing up?

Silent pause

Dr. V: What are you doing?

Ch: I told you to stay inside…are you recording—

Dr. V: No.

Rustling. Voices become muffled.

Dr. V: I’m not going back to sleep till you tell me who’s out there—

Cracking noise.

Dr. V: Is it them? It is, isn’t it? The Kuroga know we’re here.


Dr. V: Why did we stop? We had time, Achi. You said you would take us to the village. Are you playing some sort of game?
Ch: No. If I could, I would take you now, but we cannot.

Dr. V: Why? You need to give me something here…I want to believe you, but…

Ch: They won’t let us.

Dr. V: Why? What’s going on?

Ch: They are deciding.

Dr. V:…On what?

Ch: Whether they will kill us tonight…

Silence for a minute.

Dr. V: What are you playing with? That, around your neck.

Someone clears their throat

Dr. V: You have one. What do they mean, the stones? It was found before. Does it have some kind of—

Ch: Go. Back. Inside. Stop talking and sleep. They see you out here, they may kill us all. Let me handle this.

Audible inhale.

Dr. V: Fine. But I’m not sleeping. I’m not afraid. I need to get into the village.

Ch: Why?

Dr. V: (scoffs) You aren’t the only one that knows how to keep secrets…goodnight.

Crunching, rustling. Recording stops.

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