Entry 12 (Shadow at the Hill)

Entry 12. Tape 5.

Parts of the following audio have been lost or corrupted. What you see is what was recovered.

Kio: We made it.

Dr. V: Yeah. See? It wasn’t that bad…what?

Kio: Nothing. Let’s just go. I’m not spending another night out here.


Ch: Come. It will only take about thirty minutes to get there.

Kio: What? I thought we were a few hours hike from the village?…wait…is this really where we set up—

Ch: We need to move. Or do you want to stay here?

Dr. V: No. Come on. This is what we’ve been waiting for. Achi, do you know the way to the Stone Hill? The one with the mirrors?

Ch: (Loudly) No one is allowed to go up there.

Dr. V: Whoa. Calm—

Ch: Do not go up there.

Dr. V: What? I have—

Ch: I will take you back right now. Prom———1———————–0——————–2————————–1—————————-1———————————4—————————————————————1——————————-1———————————–1—————————————1————————————-0————————————9——————-

Kio: Alex, where’s Miriam?……Alex.

A: …She…she went to pee…

Soft crying.

Kio: What the fuck? Where did she go, Alex?

Kio: (Yelling) Miriam!!! Miriam!!

Dr. V: What’s happening? Where did Miriam go?

A: She said she had to pee really badly last night.

Yelling in the background.

Dr. V: So you let her go by herself?!

A: She didn’t want me there!! She said she wasn’t afraid. She said she would stay close and…and I heard her but then…fuck. FUCK.

Kio: Oh my god, Victor…what do we do?

A: I think there was…

Dr. V: What?

A: I don’t know. I don’t know what I saw. It looked like…

Dr. V: Alex…Alex!

Ch: We have to move. Or go back. What do you want to do?


(End of tape)

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