Lucid Horrors (True Story)

At one point in my life, I wanted to lucid dream.

But it didn’t work out. I had to stop.

Allow me explain what Lucid Dreaming is, as I feel some people tend to get confused and think it means just really vivid, realistic dreams.

When you Lucid Dream, you realize that you are currently in a dream and you take control of said dream so that instead of running from a crazed killer, you could manifest a pipe and smoke’em out.

Example aside, it would allow you to control your dream state reality.

Why was this important to me?

Well if you’ve read about how I can’t sleep or my sleep habits, then you’d know I dying for a bit on control. I think the answers I may be searching for in terms of what may have made contact with me, could be answered if I learn to control what happens when I dream. Perhaps I could start to retain more of my dreams and eventually learn to remember what happens in the state between waking and sleep.

But this isn’t a post on how I want to lucid dream, this is a post on how I attempted to.

If anyone is interested, I do believe it could work should you follow the steps.

There are a few techniques and steps like keeping a dream journal and saying “I will lucid dream” before sleep but i’m going to focus on the most important step (in my opinion).

To lucid dream, you have to go into a phase where you perform reality checks hourly. What is a reality check? No, it isn’t tearing down your careful facade of self entitlement. A reality check in this context, is when you give yourself a reminder, a cue, that you are awake and not dreaming.

This is important.

You must constantly check reality with small cues. The most common is to hold your breath and pinch your nose then try to breathe in through your nose.

Another one is to try and bend your fingers all the way back.

What is this doing? Well, if you do the first, pinch your nose and breathe in and actually breathe in, then you, my friend, are in a dream.

If you can suddenly bend your fingers back to your wrists when you couldn’t before, then you are dreaming. Right. Now.

These checks are to be performed so frequent that they become habit so that when you actually fall asleep, you reality check yourself. When you find something is off, that’s your cue that you aren’t awake. This is when you attain lucidity.

So, how come this didn’t work for me?

Well, the more and more I began to perform the checks, the more I began to induce sleep paralysis. I would start to gain some sense of consciousness as I either fell asleep or was waking up.

A horrible numbing came over me and I would be fully awake but completely paralyzed. It started happening so often that it was interrupting my sleep, disturbing me as I felt that sensation take over and a ringing begin to develop in my ear. I thought I would see something terrifying.

Not only that, but I began to question what was being “awake” and “what if i’m dreaming now?” or “what if I mistake reality for a dream?” The more I tried, the more I started to experience weirder sleep habits.

I couldn’t help but feel there was something that didn’t want me to take control back…that if I gained the power to lucid dream, I would find some dark truth, hiding on the edges of sleep.

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