Dream Girl

Every night I close my eyes,

I see my dream girl.

She appears in the light of the moon,

With skin of shining alabaster.

Her mouth is the shape of a bow

And stained the crimson of a rose.

Her eyes watch me

With the intensity of a hawk.

I canโ€™t look away from her

And feel myself fall into the darkness of her eyes.

She always embraces me,

With dark hair like silk against my face.

Iโ€™m drowning in the scent of her,

And screaming on the inside.

I choke on the very presence of her,

And can never get away.

Her eyes become the night

And her lips pull back to show me daggers.

Every night, she comes to me,

Through the barriers of my mind.

She is the siren of the undead,

With lips stained red.

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