Entry 13-14 (Shadow at the Hill)

Entry 13. Journal 5.

It is day two and Miriam is gone.

She disappeared sometime during the night, according to Alex. He says she went to the restroom. I don’t know why she didn’t take anyone. It was so foggy out and I know everyone heard the noises out there. Maybe she thought it was an animal. I don’t think she saw whatever it was Alex said he saw. He was babbling, said it looked like a Human but the face was…some kind of monster

I don’t know what he means. Kio is pissed at me. I had to make a decision. A hard one. Go back and try to get a search party or continue.

That’s what brings us here. I’m writing on this notepad headed to the village. I have to keep going or this was all for nothing. Kio may be angry and Alex seems out of it but I know the Kuroga must have Miriam. This is a test…it has to be.

I can’t get it out my head that I left her though. What if she really is lost out there? I don’t think Kio will ever forgive me. I don’t think I could forgive myself. We’ll either find her alive or find her body and it’s all my fault.

If there is a Hell, I will surely go to it.

 – V


Entry 14. Doc 4.

The following was found folded in Dr. Kiyomi’s journal. Some text may be edited for your protection.



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