Soup for Lunch

He sat down at the lunch table, his bowl of soup steaming.

His fork stirred the hot broth, swirling the noodles, vegetables, eyeballs, and fingertips.

From across the table, his dorm mate looked at him then grunted.

“Manny’s Man Soup?” his friend asked.

With a nod, he began to eat his food. His friend shook his head.

“I don’t eat that one anymore. The Humans aren’t cage free.”

11 thoughts on “Soup for Lunch

    1. Loved the pun xD

      I’m actually not that big on environmental and political issues like that but I do realize we have room to change and grow, to make things better.

      I wanted to imagine Humans in such a position. Maybe that would give me and the world a bit more prospective.

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