The Hold Up

What’s the scariest thing about robbing a place?

I’ve never thought about it before, but it isn’t the robbery itself, the danger it involves, or the fact that the police will be called. It’s that moment right before you commit to the act that’s truly terrifying.

Its when you walk into the place and the cashier looks at you suspiciously while the customer behind you, shuffles their feet and asks “what’s the hold up?”

It’s the sweat on your forehead, the rapid beating of your heart, and the cold weight of the gun in your pocket.

What is truly terrifying is that small amount of time between the robbery, when you’re just a normal person about to become a thief.

The words “give me your cash” catches at the back of your throat.

Once those words leave your mouth, it’s over. Your whole life changes and you can’t undue it. You have to rob them now, you can’t just walk away and be the free, citizen you were before.

That’s the moment. Right there is where everything ends.

I can’t back out of this–rather, I won’t. My fate’s been decided.

And just like that, those two seconds before being a robber passes.

I grip my gun and open my mouth.

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