ꝊathBreaker 1

** This is a dark erotica. That is all. You’ve been warned ;o


Angelo Crespo pointed to a crop of rock and crushed it into a spec. I don’t mean it crumbled into rocky bits, I mean he literally crumpled it down into a tiny ball of dust, leaving nothing behind.

My eyes widened and my hands trembled as his power bit ate the air around us. I hadn’t seen him in months after he dropped out of the academy, and this is how he returned?

“What do you think, Nate?” he asked, turning to smile at me.

I swallowed and looked at him. His long raven hair was lost to his black wizard robes and his eyes seemed to twinkle with dark knowledge.

“I could do a person like that,” said Angelo. “Or turn them inside out. Would you like to see?”

“Not exactly,” I said.

He chuckled.

“Was that what you were doing all this time, learning magick like that?” I asked.

Angelo nodded.


“You could say I had a mentor of sorts.”

“But you dropped out. Who would risk teaching you on threat of death?”

He gave me a look I couldn’t read.

“Do you really want to know how I did it?”

“Yeah,” I said.

Angelo raised a hand and slipped his robe off of his right shoulder then turned around. His skin was opposite mine, fair and lightly tanned. The only blemish on his should was a dark brand, a mark that looked like a circle with a horizontal line through it.

“What is that?”

He shrugged his robe back on and turned to me. I’d seen the mark somewhere before. Angelo watched me as I worked out what it meant. I felt my eyes widen again, my stomach clenching into a nervous knot.

“That’s the mark of a Warlock,” I said.

Angelo smiled. “Once you break one of the great laws of order, you break the limit on your power,” he said, coming closer.

“What are you–”

Angelo pressed himself against me, arms encircling my waist as his head leaned into my neck. His warm breath slid across my skin and made heat rush to my face. I could practically feel the magick oozing off of him and it was intoxicating.

“Do you want this power, Nate?” he asked. “What would you do to become a god among Man?”

I shivered against him. I could feel his fingers caressing the small of my back. They were the same fingers that could crush me into tiny red bits. I licked my lips, my throat tight and dry. Who would be able to stop me if I wasn’t restricted? Why learn to use magick if it couldn’t be used to its fullest potential? I had my answer.

“Teach me,” I said.

Angelo’s face was much too close to my own. He whispered to me.

“That would mean leaving the academy and the life you knew behind. You would have to walk the path of an outcast, a dark lord among the feeble minds of wizards.”

I nodded and he smiled.

“Great. Then come with me.”


Cont’d in Part II 😉

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