ꝊathBreaker 2

Angelo drove us to his “spot.” The whole time he talked on the phone to a girl named Jillistine. He asked her if she was free and said she could come “hang out” with him again.

Jillistine, who was on speaker phone, said she enjoyed her time with him and agreed. She had a soft, sweet voice, but asked if he wanted her to bring some O.B.

I knew it was some kind of drug. Users had nicknamed it “out of body” or O.B because it was said to make you feel like you were crawling out of your skin or astral projecting. Basically a trip I wasn’t sure I wanted to take.

Angelo mentioned me and I politely said hello to not-so-sweet Jillistine. She agreed to meet and hang with us both. I was nervous. What did this have to do with magick?

When they hung up, I turned to Angelo and looked a question at him.

“Relax. She’s necessary,” he said.

“How so?”

“I’ll be up front with you,” he said. “To go against the natural order, you must commit an act of unnatural atrocity.”

I narrowed my eyes.

“You…want me to rape her?”

Angelo shook his head.

“No. I think she’d consent anyhow, but that isn’t the point,” he said. “Order, justice, and life are the laws of righteousness. To break them, you must contradict them.”

I sighed. “Just tell me what I have to do, Angelo. In plain words.”

“You must take her life.”

I blinked. Not surprising.

“I just have to kill her?…”

“Not just kill her. You must absorb her life force,” he said. “Drain her of the very thing that makes us.”

I looked down at my hands sitting in my lap, then balled them into fists. I looked back at Angelo, pursing my lips.

“How do I do it?”

“You’ll know when the time comes.”

I nodded then shook my head. This was insane.

“Doesn’t she have to be…I don’t know, an innocent or something like that?”

Angelo laughed.

“She doesn’t have to be some lily white virgin, but she does have to be a mundane, ignorant to our hidden world with latent magical ability,” Angelo said. “There is nothing more atrocious than using magick on someone so helpless and unaware. It’ll be like killing a child, except she’s an adult, really hot, and has drugs.”


“Getting cold feet?”

The way he said it made my skin crawl. I knew I couldn’t back out now. I knew too much. Angelo stopped the car. I looked at him, expecting him to turn me into dust any second now.

“We’re here,” he said.

I looked out the window. We were at an abandoned apartment building.

“You ready?” he asked.

Hell no. But I nodded anyhow.

“It’ll be better than you think when you taste her life force. It’s hard to not want to do it again. You begin to crave it”

I gazed back at the building.

“Were you able to stop or do you still crave it?”

Angelo didn’t answer me. Instead, he got out the car. I took a deep breath and tried to calm my mind. I was doing this. I was going to break the oath.

I had to. Time was running out and I needed to get stronger because Neeroth would break through the void. The prophecy would come true and my destiny was to stop it.


Cont’d Part III ;3


And check out Part I if you haven’t!

4 thoughts on “ꝊathBreaker 2

    1. Haha I wish I would have given more backstory on the destiny thing but I didn’t want to turn it into too long of a story cause I know people tend to have a short attention span these days.

      And Nate is guy. Part 2 and 3 will be up today. Last part will be out tomorrow :3
      Thank you for reading!~

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