ꝊathBreaker 3



The room was set up with candles and Jillistine was in fact, very hot.

She was definitely not the innocent girl I had imagined her to be. She had bright green hair, two tattooed sleeves and eyebrows she had drawn on that accented her makeup. She was wearing ripped jeans and a trendy, cut up top with the name of some band I didn’t know.

She broke out the O.B and sniffed a line right off of Angelo’s arm, then took hold of his head and ran her tongue over his face like he was a piece of candy. She looked at me and offered me some of the light blue powder.

“Ned, right?”


She shrugged. “Take a hit.”

I glanced at Angelo and he was already taking a run at the powder. Fuck.

The hardest thing I had tried was the mushrooms I did back at the academy. Unlike normal people, drugs tended to act differently on those with magical abilities. We could subconsciously blow entire buildings up while tripping on LSD or something.

I must have taken too long to answer because Jillistine shook a bit of the powder on a piece of discard cardboard and shoved it at me. I took it from her reluctantly.

I remembered Angelo crushing the rocks. How far would I go to be able to do that? I needed to get stronger and fast. The end of the world wouldn’t wait for me and my sensibilities.

I closed my eyes then sniffed at the drugs

Immediately it went to my head and hit me. I felt like someone had punched me out out of my skin then lit me on fire.

“Oh shit,” I said, falling back and looking up. The ceiling began to change.

It peeled away to show me the night sky and hundreds of stars and swirling pink blue clusters. It was beautiful. It all just opened up and it was like I was staring right into space. Then Jillistine’s face came into view and she was absolutely gorgeous framed by the hovering galaxies.

Her skin was glowing, actually glowing and her eyes, the grey it had once been was now liquid silver.

She smiled and straddled me, ripping my robes open and leaning down to kiss at my chest. Her lips left small glowing marks along my skin wherever she touched.

It was amazing and I began to feel myself growing stiffer as she moved her rear against my groin.

“You’re hair…,” I said. “Are you a space mermaid?”

“More like a siren,” Angelo’s deep voice echoed.

I saw him come up behind her and sweep her long hair to the side. He began to kiss her neck as she undid her jeans. Angelo’s eyes met mine. He gave me a small knowing smile.

My skin felt like it was touching a live wire. Every inch of it ached and begged to be touched.

Jillistine, more gracefully than I would have imagined, slipped out of her jeans, one leg at a time, leaving herself nude from the waist down. She then pulled open my robes. I was pressed against my loins. She crouched above me on her hands and knees, Angelo, behind her.

“See, I knew you’d like it,” she said.

I slipped my pants down and stood at attention for her, firm and ready. She smiled then let out a soft noise, shuddering above me.

Angelo, behind her, had one hand on her hip while the other explored the warmth between her legs. Jillistine focused again and leaned her head down and took me into her mouth.

I knew it had to be the drugs because nothing could feel so good. I arched my back and groaned as she sucked me, slow and thoroughly. She took as much of me as she could into her mouth before pulling back up. I could hear Jillistine moaning, mouth full, as Angelo inserted his fingers into her.

And still, the cosmos moved and shifted above us. Blue and gold formations, sparkling stars that moved across the sky as Jillistine used her mouth to make me squirm and tremble.

I saw Angelo disrobe behind her. He was erect and ready. He placed both his hands on Jillistine’s hips and entered her, head tilting back. i would have questioned if he had protection but at this point, I wasn’t sure I really cared.

I placed a hand on Jillistine’s head, fingers tangled in her glowing emerald hair, encouraging her to keep going. Our moans and whimpers became a chorus of music the stars danced to.

I could feel myself lifting, like I was floating into the open, vastness of space with them both, intertwining energies that rode a wave of heat and pleasure into the abyss. That’s when I heard Angelo whisper through my mind.

It is time, his voice said. Devour all life. Dark one, who will yet rise again from the depths. Come forth from the void and bless us with your gifts.

I felt something stir within me, like a beast waking up.

Forsake the righteous path. Glory to the void walker.

I could hear it, a word screaming into my mind from the vastness of space.

I whispered it aloud and felt its burn on the tip of my tongue.


And then something took over me.


Cont’d Part IV

Prior: Part II

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