ꝊathBreaker 4

** Giving another warning that this is dark erotica. Proceed with caution and enjoy ;o


I don’t remember when I did it. It felt as though time slipped for a moment. I suddenly heard gagging and realized it was Jillistine. I had sat up and took  Jillistine by the throat, squeezing till her face turned dark red.

Angelo watched me silently. His eyes were entirely black, as if nothing but the void filled them. A sudden hunger grew within me and twisted my stomach and mind. This was it.

Jillistine’s eyes were too wide and big, as if the force of my hands were popping her eyes right out her skull. She wheezed, barely able to scream as her nails scratched at my wrists and arms.

Then something warm began spreading over my legs. I looked down to see Jillistine relieving herself on me; her last desperate attempt to make me let go. It was useless.

I could feel the hunger burning deep within me, begging to be sated with the most precious drink one could offer; life.

Jillistine’s eyes rolled back and drool began to run down the sides of her mouth. I suddenly knew what to do.

I covered her mouth with my own and it was just like breathing, except the air I inhaled was icy, hot, and prickly. It was like drinking up raw electricity.

Jillistine began to shake and spasm, convulsing as I stole her life force. My body felt like it was swelling up and my head began to rush again. I knew when I had taken it all because Jillistine slumped and became totally limp and heavy.

“Congratulations,” Angelo said.

Jillistine’s life force burned within me, it was like an entirely new high. I was practically vibrating with power and the room, filled with stars, colors and lights, swirled around me. It was almost dizzying.

I felt so alive. I looked at Angelo and he looked down at my erection which was very much still there. He took me in his arms and I didn’t stop him as he kissed me, tongue entering my mouth and caressing my own. I made a small sound, as the energy thrummed between us.

“You could have at least let me come before having me kill her,” I said.

“Your ritual is not over yet,” he said. “You’ve opened the gate.”

I wanted to ask him what he meant but Angelo was already wedging his body between my legs, pushing my back to the floor.

I let out a small groan and he gave me a small smirk before leaning in to kiss me again. I found myself wrapping my arms around his strong body and hiking my leg up against his waist.

I clutched a handful of his hair and he bit my neck. I cried out for him and felt the tip of him brush against me. With the power and magic still rushing in my veins, what I thought should have hurt felt like small tidal wave of pleasure.

“First time?” he asked.

“I mean, I’ve messed around a bit before…”

“First time then,” he said, chuckling. “Relax and let it in.”

“I thought you were already in.”

“Not me,” he said, looking up.

I followed his gaze and looked up at the trippy dancing colors and lights. One by one, the lights begin to blink out as a dark blotch began to spread. I looked back at Angelo.

“Wait, you can see that too?” I asked.

“Yes. Its real, Nate,” he said. “Its the raw magick of the universe. It has always been there. You just needed help to see it.”

I looked up again and Angelo moved his hips. Indeed, he was inside me. I groaned and scratched his back, eyes wandering above to see the darkness growing. Angelo pushed into me and hit a place inside me that made me writhe with pleasure.

But there was something wrong. The room was getting darker and a cold wind began to blow in from the open void above.

There was something coming, and it wasn’t me.



Cont’d in Part V (Final)

Previous: Part III

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