ꝊathBreaker 5 (Final)

Slowly, the twinkling of the cosmos overhead began to blink out, disintegrating into nothingness as darkness spread above us.

“An-Angelo…what gate was opened?”

But he didn’t answer me, instead, he thrust himself into me. He bit at my earlobe and sucked at my neck as I clung to him, my nails digging into the moist skin of his back.

His curtain of hair was so soft against my face. The darkness grew. As it did, I could feel the pressure of heat building within me. I could feel a cold presence looming over us.

“Haven’t you wondered why I came to you, Nate?” Angelo said.

I stared into the void, not wanting Angelo to stop but not wanting to see what would emerge from the dark. I gasped as he caressed that spot deep within me.

“You were one of few who believed the prophesies about the dark one,” he said.

The darkness,the void walker, the end of all we knew. Neeroth was prophesied to bring great destruction and the end of mankind.

“You were always drawn to power,” Angelo said. “To defeat the darkness?…No, Nate. That’s not why you were drawn to it.”

But it was what I wanted; to close the gap between Man and magick, I had to touch the void. To fight against the darkness, I needed more power.

“Why then?” I panted.

“Because it called you. It called you back to waken you.”

What was he taking about?

“Neeroth, it is time for you to emerge.”

Before I could question him, orgasm hit me and I was unable to stop it. It was like an unrelenting wave of heat and pleasure. I looked up to scream my pleasure and saw the inky darkness, snaking down like the tendril of some great monster.

With my open mouth welcoming it, the darkness fell from the open void and crawled down my throat, a raw current of energy that make me want to puke.

It coursed through me like the drug except it felt as though I were exploding and being frozen solid at the same time. It clogged my lungs and made my blood boil and turn to ice. I could feel my eyes began to turn into black mirrors and things I couldn’t see before became visible.

“The gate has opened for you, Neeroth,” Angelo said.

Something began to burn just below my ribs. I screamed as a pain, similar to a hot, sharp knife, pressed into my flesh. I looked down to see a black mark, burning itself into my skin. It was the mark of the Warlock, except this time, it had five sigils along the outside of the circle.

“Five seals,” Angelo said. “Five seals must be broken before the end begins.”

He pulled out of me and went to his knees, bowing his head.

“All those that bear your mark are your loyal subjects,” he said.

I looked down at my hands. My nails had grown long, sharp, and black. I stood up and my once short hair was now a silky curtain of the darkest red against my dark bronze skin. I had changed.

“I…I thought I was supposed to end the darkness. I thought I would stop Neeroth.”

Angelo looked up at me.

“No, my lord, you are Neeroth,” he said. “Will you lead us? Will you free us from the slavery of law and order?”

I looked at him and watched his eyes bleed back to normal. Something burned deep within me. A purpose.

I smiled.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do.”

3 thoughts on “ꝊathBreaker 5 (Final)

    1. Thank you! It felt a bit rushed since it was supposed to be short and readable. But I had fun writing it. Tried not to make it too messed up xDD!! I’m like, dial it down a bit haha Thank you for reading it. means a lot <3<3<3


      1. From a reader perspective it didn’t feel too rushed but it was unexpected, which is awesome. I love it when the twist is something you didn’t see coming.


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