“Who would have thought” — Bsquaredville

Since I recently put out a short erotica of my own, I thought i’d start off the week by sharing one I really enjoyed!

I love the personal experience and story BSquaredville tells within their eroticas. It all feels so real and may I add that they frequently incorporate bisexual characters?~ I love it.

Check out their work 🙂

“So, what’s it like for a guy with, like, another guy? I’ve always wondered how you do it. I mean, I know how you do it but, like, how do you go about it?” Ryan laughed at Vivian’s question, “how do you go about it? Such an odd thing to ask, Viv. I don’t even know […]

via Who would have thought — Bsquaredville

8 thoughts on ““Who would have thought” — Bsquaredville

      1. I’m actually not strong in that area so I don’t know if I could pull off a whole successful week x.x and my humor is so weird…its very dark so some may not find it funny at all but messed up hahaha

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      2. A CW professor once told me when writing comedy, do not try to be funny, it must be natural. i don’t think im naturally funny but I would test it out with a short piece. That sounds like fun but I wouldn’t know where to begin…

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