The Tales Remembered by Amelia Spokart

I had never wanted a child, but when I met Shane I knew he was the one. Despite what the doctor’s said about my condition, I did get pregnant. Frankly, it was an accident, because I thought (and hoped) I had become barren. After those years of suffering, the weight gain, the hair and painful bouts of cramps, I wanted it to be over.

But then came Amelia. And she was beautiful. I did not once regret the choice of having her.

It was on her fourth birthday that she began to speak of things that should have been unknown to her. Stories of places and peoples that could not exist.

She talked of the rainbow pillars in a land called Ihath, where the sun lowered and cast a multicolored hue over this land paved with golden streets. Festivals would be held there to celebrate the all-giving goddess Chemana who gave the gift of song and dance.

She told me of people as tall as buildings with skin that looked to be made of glass and how the tribes of Tanlome flew in on birds made of light and destroyed these people. From then on the Tanlome would rule for three thousand years till the empire of the Grawing rose and dosed their light with blankets of shadow.

However, most fondly she spoke of the Twilight, the fields of dusk and stars where beautiful creatures, with wild, infinite hair and eyes like jewels lived under skies filled with two silver moons.

She would speak of how the land changed and how the Grawing’s greed swallowed the second moon, of when the the song and dance died, and of how the sun stopped shining it multicolored hues.

I told Amelia that it was wonderful and fantastic that she could come up with such tales and she told me they were not tales made up by her, but stories she remembered from her homeland a very long time ago, on a planet they would eventually call Earth.

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