A Grim Encounter

Min Soo saw her by accident. She was gorgeous. Raven hair and golden skin with eyes not unlike the sun.

Her garb flowed like something unnatural, as if caught in infinite breeze.

She did not expect him to see her and it was truly unfortunate but she was kind, she was merciful.

“Mortal, I am Death, herald of the afterlife,” she said. “You may take this chance to leave and never speak of what you have seen.”

Min Soo found her voice to be like the merry singing of young maidens.

He knew her words and what she spoke of, but what could be sweeter than a place at her side away from the world of Man?

She smiled for she was gentle and generous. She stretched out her hand and gave him sympathetic eyes.

“I will dissuade you no more,” she said.

Then Min Soo took her hand.

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