I like to write my frustration down.

It’s a bit of a habit.

I get all these feelings, these pent up emotions, and everything starts to feel so noisy and irritating. It makes my hair stand on end hearing the stupid, yapping of girls on their cell phones, some dumb, loud baby, or clueless customers asking for an item.

So, I write about it. That’s all.

Like this lady on the freeway.

That bitch…no, I shouldn’t call her that. Not now. But, I get so heated. You see, that lady wouldn’t let me over and it’s stupid, SO STUPID, because she didn’t even know how to merge right.

I should explain.

We’re driving down onto the ramp and the two lanes will soon merge. I’m on the right, she’s in front of me and there are a line of cars in the left lane.

But what does she do?

She starts to merge way too early. I mean, I know she wants a spot but if she’d just DRIVE up, i’d be able to get in too instead of being backed up, having to wait for her and this other shit driver.

So, I decide, fuck that, and drive up. I get where she is supposed to be and i’m almost in when she decides to get angry. She speeds up and cuts me off, throwing up the bird as she does. Now, i’m stuck merging into oncoming freeway traffic that’s opening up on my right hand side–the bitch.

But, don’t sweat yet because what she didn’t know was that after I cut into the next lane, I kept my eye on her. Yeah. I followed her and it was just my luck that she was headed the same direction.

I remember her license plate: BG32JU1

I kept my eye out and tailed her hard. We got off on first street and went up Central. She had no fucking clue.

We turned on Mott and went down Figueroa and all the way to the West side where she parked at what I assumed was her office.

I just wanted to know where she worked. That’s it. That’s all I wanted to know.

You see, what she didn’t know was that I had rope, tape, nails, a hammer, and a seven inch knife waiting to cut that bitch. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t call her that now because it would be disrespectful to talk about the dead that way.

To LP No. BG32JU1

I’ll see you at 5pm sharp.

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