Update – May


It’s Mercury.

I feel like I don’t get to really talk personally with many of my readers. So, I thought I’d post a little update.

Posts: I’ve been posting about two to three posts every single day. But I want to start focusing on my novel so this may slow down to one post. maybe even a day of rest.

Series: “Shadow at the Hill” will continue. i just got distracted. Sorry xD If you liked the erotica and like short story series like that, i can do more of those.

SNS: <– Means social media. I’m on twitter!! and i’m really enjoying it so if you’d like to interact more try following there! mercuryscribes

YouTube: Yes, i’ll still be doing vids every Sunday. I’m thinking of a new scifi piece or maybe a western or romance. I want to challenge myself to do something a bit different. Bu we all know it’ll probably end up as some dark, twisted story haha

Projects: I want to make a collection of short stories and finish a novel or two. For YouTube, if I get to 40 subscribers i’ll start an audio horror series that I’ve been working on~ Other than that, i’ll keep on writing.

Still open to collabs and feedback. Let me know what scares you or show me your favorite post you’ve written. I love interacting with you all 🙂

~~Sweet Nightmares

23 thoughts on “Update – May

  1. Congrats on taking some time to concentrate on your novel! I hope you keep at it and I see it on a shelf one day 🙂 My posts have significantly slowed down too since I decided to focus on writing things that are more involved (I have 3 manuscripts on the go and I’m currently blocked on all of them lol), so I get that. Good lick!

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      1. LMFAO I didn’t even notice that!! Thank you and good luck with your writing too. We can do it!~~~ Tell me how it goes. I set a 5k word goal for this week but work is kind of messing me up :/


      2. Ohhh, so it’s been your baby for a while. Good for u! My issue is that I rarely stick to an idea for more than a few months. If I feel blocked after a month or two, I usually start something new. So NANOWRIMO is actually perfect for me lol I have done it successfully but then never edited the damn story because I fell in love with a new idea. Basically, I’m ridiculous lol

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    1. Omg, blocked on all three? that sucks!! I feel ya though, I had to rewrite some stuff and change things. How do people finish manuscripts so quickly? I’m 53k words in and only half way xDDD


      1. I am on twitter. But been on hiatus. Yes, currently querying agents/ producers to request my script. Only one seemed interested out of the 150 queries I sent out. Haha. But other then that I’m beginning to outline for my second script.

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      2. The writing community there amazes me. I don’t know why i’ve been avoiding it for so long!

        Is it for a movie or play?
        That sounds nerve racking. I don’t think I have what it takes to write scripts so that’s amazing in and of itself. And of course keep trying!!! What’s your script about? I hope something spoooooky~~~


      3. Yeah. So many writers on there helping each other out. Pretty cool. My handle is @Uncannythings, if you’re interested.

        It’s for a feature film. Really not that hard to write it haha. It’s about finding the story- a good one at that. Still not a pro though, I am learning, but that is part of the process right? Yes, it’s a horror drama. If you’re interested in reading some time. I’d be happy to send it. It’s about a 10-year old girl being tormented by spirits. I know, it’s been done before. Mine has a twist though. Yep. You too, keep writing!

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      4. I followed you!~

        And i’d be happy to check it out. Sounds interesting. I love scaring children >> I wonder what the twist will be!
        Will it be turned into an indie film? Where do you find places to turn in screenplays? o.o

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  2. Hi, sorry never replied back to you. Thought I did. Send me your email and I’d be happy to send it over. I’m doing a bit of editing right now but eventually I’ll send it. Haha. Can’t say it will EVER be turned into a film. There’s so many scripts out there. Mine has to REALLY stand out in order for it to get produced. I definitely see it as a low-budget horror though. I can submit to competitions but haven’t yet. Still polishing. I’m thinking about it…

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