Artificial Interactions 1

(I originally had this story published in Romance Magazine, a magazine that sadly fell through some time later, so! I’ll post it for you guys in parts. Maybe even continue the story. Enjoy~)

I met you in an alley—the one off of Fifth Street, where the homeless huddled around their trash can fires, under the neon shop signs that turned night into day. The light chased away the shadows and they went crawling into every nook and side street of the city; but I was proud and tough, an alley didn’t scare me.

I wasn’t the only one walking the shadows though, and when those street punks jumped me for the cash I had worked ten hours for, you came and nearly knocked their eyes right out of their sockets. I didn’t thank you. I didn’t believe I needed a man to save me.

I could take care of myself, and oddly, you agreed.


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