“Letter From a Friend” (Audio)

I’ve been a bit quiet but i’m still making videos!!

This was Sunday’s post, in honor of Poe, I narrated one of the stories influenced by him. I hope you guys enjoy. I’ll be bringing out something new for this week.

Also still working on the book. Making progress though. I’ll still be trying to post here. Thank you all for still hanging in there with me. I need to catch up on all the great writing you guys have been posting for sure ❤

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4 thoughts on ““Letter From a Friend” (Audio)

  1. Would you someday publish the writings you read on YouTube? I’d really like to know them, but I often cannot listen to them. Hope this books of yours is horrific and gore-y😇

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    1. I’m actually making a separate book, a whole comprehensive compilation of the most darkest of my writings from poetry, hint fiction, to flash fiction! xD

      YouTube exclusives like “The Tapes I Found” will not be included though. Letter, Devil’s Dog, Your MidSummer’s Drive, and Homecoming are in there. I may add “Home Movie” and “Watch This” as well since they both include my precious blood thirsty Operator haha

      Btw, I will get back to the email. I’ve just been so oddly busy past 2 weeks x___x


      1. Both of those stories do have audio versions. You should start with Home Movie. Watch This is the sequel haha But yeah, i’m workin’ on a book. I wanna add in completely new poetry and stories too so that it’ll be worthwhile~

        And thank you for understanidng!! ❤

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