Artificial Interactions 8

Riots began and people became more violent towards trons. They were afraid of the very thing they had created. There were “too many problems with trons,” and “no one could predict when they would go rogue.”

I thought it was all bullshit. Every time I came home to you standing by the dinner table, food ready for me, or waiting with a movie picked out for the night, I saw what no one else could. And I know, I can’t say for sure whether your smile reflected anything other than programmed happiness, but it was all I needed.

I know you saw something in me too, that smile of yours said it. You could read me like a book, like no human ever could. I thought we were normal—hell, what was normal? No one could tell us what we felt was fake.

We had a favorite movie, Titanic, a classic. I liked it because against all odds, Rose and Jack fought for their love. You liked it because Jack would sacrifice anything, even his life, for Rose. I remember seeing it for the first time with you.

It rained that night, but I swear I couldn’t hear anything but the beating of my heart. We didn’t even wait for the credits to roll. You scooped me up in your arms, effortlessly, and laid me down in bed, but you didn’t just walk off to go clean or do laundry like you usually did. I pulled you down and you kissed me. It made my breath catch. I swear we could communicate without words. Or perhaps I was easy to read.

I didn’t stop you as you climbed into bed and slipped my clothes off, hands tracing all that delicate flesh. I watched you as you stripped. Underneath the t-shirt and jeans, you were just like any other man. I saw the smile that tugged at your lips when you caught me by surprise. I also saw that smile give way to something else when you entered me for the first time.

You were gentle. I knew you wouldn’t break me. The rain slapped against the glass and my body shook like the windows that rattled with the thunder. Lightning stirred something low in my body and bowed my back. A different kind of storm was inside of me.

I can’t say what you felt. I don’t know if it was the same for you, but as I looked into those glowing eyes above me, I saw all I needed to see. With my body still flushed, tears rolled down the sides of my face. For the first time I said to you.

“I love you.”

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