Artificial Interactions 10

I know that damning day was when that robber broke in. We were curled up in bed, but you didn’t need sleep, so you heard him break in and woke me. He was in the living room, probably trying to steal something just to make rent, but he saw us and pulled out his gun. How was he supposed to know you were a tron?

The gun went off and you moved faster than I’d ever seen. His fragile throat in your hand. I didn’t tell you to stop. It was my fault too that he laid there crumpled on the floor, head bent at an awkward angle. You turned to me with eyes bled white, as if all the color had drained from them. White fire burned in your eyes and I could see you weren’t yourself.

How do you know when a tron has gone rogue? I didn’t ask you. We just stood there. I was afraid, but not for the reasons you might think. Even so, you saw my fear and I had to watch color—and worse—sadness, come back into your eyes. Or maybe it was guilt? Remorse?

“I just wanted to protect you,” you said.

“I know.”

And I thanked you that time, for saving my life once again.

“I’ll take him somewhere,” you said. I don’t know where you hid the body, but I hoped no one would be missing him.

I was wrong of course because a few days later, cops came knocking, talking about reported gunfire. They took one look at you and somehow they knew. It was probably the eyes, those beautiful double irises.

We let them leave, and they came back with those men in dark, nano suits, padded vests and black helmets that covered their entire heads. I knew a Deactivator when I saw one. I admit, they scared the shit out of me. They had those electric guns that shot blue lightning and could drop a damn elephant dead.

You know, I was wrong about you. I thought you were the Jack to my Rose, but you weren’t. It was the other way around. It’s why I put myself in front of their guns and hoped they didn’t cook me from the inside out. I’m glad you knew this too and that you trusted me. Don’t think I cursed you when you escaped through the bedroom window. I was relieved. Not even the cold steel of their handcuffs or the freezing cell they put me in could take away my triumph.

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