Dark Intentions 1

By time I noticed it, it was too late. I was sure this thing had attached itself to me.

I would see it by the bus stop, outside my window, and across the street from where I worked just frequently enough to be reminded that he hadn’t gone away.

It–this thing, was tall, with dark and shiny skin that looked wet. It had writhing arms, many of them that resembled the arms of an octopus, but made of an inky darkness. Only its sharp teeth and eyes were discernible. They were bright, silver and fixated on me.

         What the hell did this thing want from me? Every time I caught it watching me, my coworkers or friends would ask what I was looking at. I would point and they would just give me this crazy look and say they didn’t see anything there.

It was following me and every so often, I could tell it was a little bit closer. It would be standing in front of the bus stop one day, in the corner of my room, in the office of my work place…

I was starting to fear for my safety, but no one saw this thing.


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