Dark Intentions 4

That thing was crawling up my body, latching onto me like a parasite. I could feel its dark, inky body slithering up my legs, gripping my torso and clinging to me. It was so cold and sticky; I felt frozen, as if its chill dug into the very core of my being.

Tendrils penetrated my body, digging into my flesh like needles. I finally let out a scream and the damn thing wrapped around my neck and shoved itself right down my throat. I couldn’t tell what part of it entered me, but my skin was on fire and I couldn’t breathe past its cold form. I closed my eyes, unable to move or even fall back.

The strength left my body as it found its new home within me. I couldn’t stop it so I accepted it.

My body began to lean back on its own, bending awkwardly and painfully. I could hear my spine popping and I let out a strangled gurgle as my head flopped back. How was I still conscious? I wanted it to end. I wanted to pass out so I could wake up in my bed. But this was no nightmare. This was real. This thing was going to possess me.

The demon got inside. Once it was done pouring down my mouth, I began to shake involuntarily, spasming as though I was seizing. It hurt. It felt as though my body were breaking and my skin peeling. Everything hurt and I could smell something funny, like burning paper.

My roommate was still honking furiously outside.

And then, my vision went dark and when it cleared, I saw everything…clearer. It was as though someone flicked on high definition. I could see every detail of my room as if it were day. Darkness no longer hindered me.

“I need to leave!” my roommate screamed.

My head snapped to the side. I looked at the corner as if I could see through the walls. Still bent backward, the pain began to settle and my limbs began to tingle with this oddly pleasant sensation. Within me, something squirmed in places that should never move. I wanted to vomit, but the sound of my roommate’s horn jarred me into focus and rage. I suddenly knew what to do.

I smiled and went to greet them.

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