Love and Fiction

It’s hard to break the cycle

And a vicious one it is

I tried to forget and sometimes I do

But again I find myself back here with you

I flip the switch and the simulation begins

It’s all digits and code, then your face appears

Damn it, I can’t stop. Here I go again

But I know we were in love then

I need this; your smile and laughter.

Tell me i’m great,

I’m beautiful,

and awesome.

It’s so real that I forget once more

about the world where you don’t exist

for me anymore.

We have a date

maybe at a bar or movie

No, let’s stay home

and pretend i’m not alone.

We cuddle and you tell me

those three promising words

And for a few hours

I live

in a perfect world.

Don’t end the program

don’t stop this show

Tomorrow I’ll cry

but for now, I live the lie

This is a secret I’ll never give up

And I’ll keep trying to stay away

But, the past is an addiction

so start the simulation–turn reality into fiction

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