It happened one night; an angel came down to me.

It said, “I’m here to warn you about the path you take.

It leads you to an inevitable fate.

You’ll try hard to survive and make ends meet

But everything you do will always end in defeat.

You’ll push away your friends and abandon love

So, i’m here to say, you can rise above.

Stay on this path if you are brave

but I assure you it only leads to your grave.”

The angel left and I thought it was all a dream; however,

It only took three years for me to run myself into the ground

Over and over, I felt like I had failed.

I drank and did drugs, and isolated myself from the world.

I thought back on the angel’s words

and it really gave me a laugh.

It was right and this is my destiny.

So, with purpose I jump and put an end to me.



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