Gundown (Lyrical Horror)

I walk up, and enter the club,

people all around me, but i’m out for blood.

I’m pushing past the guards, no red rope can stop me.

And who I see chillin’? It’s Big Luck and Don T.

I got a bone to pick and pull out my gun,

“You fucking set me up!…Now you better run.”

My homie starts to sweat, he’s frontin’ around

But he’s out of luck, because its ’bout to go down.

“What, you thought you could take me out?”

“Huh? come on, girl, that’s not what we about.”

“Don, come closer, I’ve got a secret to share; a short desperate story about how my life was spared.”

See, you left me, bleeding in the dirt

But the devil appeared and showed me just who to hurt.


It hurt, the fire, coursing through my veins

But I rose up, now, only a demon remains.

“You and Big Luck, i’m sick of your shit.

I’m gonna take you down before I burn in the pit!

I have no friends, you were like family to me.

How could you do this? We were partners, you see?!”

Now you both will pay and my soul be damned

Satan help me, this entire place will be slammed


Now, Big Luck, gets up from his chair

Puts a smile on and says “Kill us if you dare.”

Silence, reigns on the floor, people stop dancin’

and head to the door.

The Gunmen come out, pointing steel at my head

Big Luck loving it all, no tears to be shed

“Lane, I know, this just wasn’t right, but I got money to make, no showin’ mercy tonight”

The guns, they fire and rip into me.

My body is shakin’ and I fall to one knee.

But I get up up, and look them in the eye,

“I told you before, that I already died” 

With a show of hand, and a display of power,

all their chests explode in a bloody shower.

“Now its over and you’re all dead…But the story doesn’t end, till all betrayers have bled”