“Beloved” – Lyrical Horror Story

Droppin’ another single 😉


I knock, I’ve shown up at your door

You ignore my calls

And I knock a little more

“Hey cutie pie, I like your new place

I’ve brought a little toy, So let me see your face”

You’re coming down the stairs, and I decide to hide

You check who’s at the door, and find a big surprise


I step into the light, my hands behind my back

Your fear is on your face, “don’t have a heart attack!”


“Hey there, sweetie, did you miss me–”

“What the fuck are you doing here?”

“I missed you”

“We aren’t dating you psycho!”

“Don’t be silly…I love you.”


I show you my surprise, a knife behind my back

You try to shut the door, to avoid my next attack

But my foot is in the way, say, “Won’t you be my spouse?”

You run away from me and I break into your house

“Kieran, are you here?

Come on out…no need to fear

Baby…I want you to be mine

Say you are or it’s the end of the line”


I stroll through the dark, searching the halls

Then I drop to the floor and I begin to crawl

I’m bloodhound you see, sniffing you out

But you hid too well, so I guess I struck out


Pysche! I Found you

You scared little shit

Thought you could run

But I will never quit

I’m chasing you down

Your screams all around

If you won’t be my lover

Then to the grave you are bound

Can’t you see

I’m useless alone?

You head to your room

And take out your phone

You dial a number

I think it’s 911

Why do you have to 

Go ruin the fun?


“This is 911, what’s your emergency?”
“Help! There’s a crazy woman trying to kill me!”

“Sir, is she in the house?”

“Yes, she’s outside my door and sh-she’s going to–”

“Okay, stay calm and–”



It goes down, you aren’t safe anymore

It’s a shame, I’ve won this game

But  i’m ready to score

I push you on the bed and straddle your waist

Lift my knife up and plunge it into ya face

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