Three Little Kittens

Three little kittens went to play

While mama cat cooked and papa worked all day

Mama warned them not to get dirty

But they didn’t listen and played without worry

They came home, tracking their mess everywhere

So, mama told them to stay out there

But the kittens disobeyed and made the house all muddy

When papa came home, he blamed mama and made her all bloody


The three kittens were spoiled, rotten little sinners.

One day they sneaked in and ate all of papa’s dinner.

Mama tried to explain and make papa understand

But still he grew angry and she got the back of the hand

The kittens laughed at her fate

They were a product of Mama cat’s rape

Mama tried to love them equally

 But they all got their looks paternally


Finally, mama cat snapped and broke

Locked papa in the house and watched it go up in smoke

She took the bad kittens to a field

Her hatred quite unconcealed

She said, “Papa is going straight to Hell…

And all bad little kittens….go down the well.”

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