This blog isn’t the only thing under construction–I am too, body and mind. It’s been a challenging…life, not just this past year But I want to get to a place where I am happy and successful and I know that place exists somewhere.

Now, the last year has been a hell of a ride. I’ve learned about myself and others. Fought to survive, struggled and found out what it was like to rest. During this time I stopped writing. I lost my muse and thus lost myself. I fell into another black hole.

I am currently clawing myself out of it.

As for the future, I realize and regret that I should have kept my focus here. I feel like I got caught up and trapped in so many things that I forgot what it was like to simply post and connect with my fellow writers.

I’m not quitting youtube. Just revaluating things. I will keep recording but I want to focus here. What I want is to post and to read. I remember good times, adventures and great reading and even better minds.

I want to upgrade my domain, get an email and start to create more content as well as all the secret content i’ve been wanting to post haha I draw as well so it will be fun focusing my projects here and creating spaces where you may indulge in my writing, art, music, and cosplay? (secreeeeets)

We’ll see. One step at a time. It may not happen today or in a month, but i’m trying and I appreciate you being here for the journey.

I rarely post about myself, but I may lol

With all that said, I have exciting new projects and stories. In my sorrow and ever deepening maddness, i’ve managed to conjure all sorts of tales. Some have yet to be written and some yet to be conceived.

But one of these said projects will be my own multiverse. A high fantasy multi verse that features all Black characters.

I want some sword shit and I want to see Black people doing it. I’m excited for the stories I’m going to be writing.

I need something to be excited about. Trust me.

Well then. I hope you’ll join me as I’ll join you…whoever you may be.


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