New Beginnings

Writing is wizardry and i’m still an apprentice.

That being said, my wiritng itself has changed. I’m growing and i’m waiting to post because I’m creating many new stories! It’s be funa nd stressful but i’m taking my time and enjoying myself. Some stories will be redone or incldued in my new multiverse or just reimagined. Just a couple are them:


“Shadow at the Hill”

“The Black Knights of Achadon”

I assure you, i’m conjuring some amazing shit. It just takes time.


To cope with my own chaotic mind, i’ve developed a system of writing called “Rolling.” This means I roll a D20 dice to determine what I will write that day. For my schedule to make sense, I need to explain my methods!

I keep a few list of current WIPs. Each story or list is numbered. Every week, I will roll by story, meaning I will roll my D20 and what number it picks, the corrosponding story will be chosen.

When I roll weekly for stories, this does not mean I post the story, this means that I must post a sort of update. When I get my story, I must either roll from a separate list or I can decide myself if I want to give character or lore updates. So for example, if I had gotten “The Virgin Sarah,” then that week, I may choose to write about the three kings statues and how they came to be in that cave.

Why do it this way? I’m indecisive. Perhaps someone else has invented this method but I coin it as my own for now. Also, this now gives me a way to stay connected and you as well. Whoever you may be, my dear reader 🖤


Now for my new schedule!

I’m going for transparency, so let me break down the schedule! I want to be able to express myself in all ways so starting August or September, i’ll be posting on certain days, for certain things.


Roll for Updates


New Moon story post

Full Moon story post

Sunday youtube post (Tentative)

This schedule can change or be added to, btu that’s what we’re looking at for now. At least 2 pieces of writing a month. And they come out on the new or full moon!

That’s it. Time to make the magick happen.

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