Royal Academy – Episode 3

Royal Academy 為生学園         Episode 3 – Waltz 10 Years Earlier – Grade 2.             Yukiji got out of the car, but wasn’t quick enough to avoid saying goodbye to his mother. She walked around the car, high heels making a soft clacking noise on the pavement. In her hands was a lunch box, wrapped up […]

Royal Academy – Episode 2

Royal Academy 為生学園         Episode 2 – A New Transfer               Yukiji Obata liked to walk to school. He woke up at six and was out the door by seven, dressed in his white blazer, tie and black pants.             “Ittekimasu,” he said as he left his house, a traditional Japanese styled manor.             His route was […]

Royal Academy – Episode 1

Royal Academy 為生学園              Episode 1 – Welcome to Isei          Even Ms. Orihara was pretty. Isei was bright and clean. Nonoka had never seen a classroom with automatic sliding doors. Everything else about the classroom was just as nice and modern as the rest of the school. The white […]